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Luxmader Wood Blinds

Luxmader Blinds are manufactured in Spain using Obeche Wood, a West African hardwood. (not an endangered species!)

Obeche is almost as light-weight as Balsa wood, but extremely stable in temperature and humidity changes, hence why Saunas and boats are manufactured from it and virtually no warping from sunshine which is ideal for blinds.

The Luxmader range is ideal for large blinds as operation will be lighter and smoother than any other types of timber used in blind manufacture. We buy the Luxmader range directly from the Blinds manufacturer in Spain and have several trade clients (other Blinds companies & Interior Designers) all over the UK who specifically come to us for these blinds.


Roman Blinds

Our Roman blinds are manufactured in Nottingham, UK. We use a fabulous Roman Blind system from Spain renowned for its smooth sidewinder operation in a choice of metal or white. Roman blinds can be fitted to either the outside of the reveal, or inside the recess, both ways look just as nice.

Fabric designers include Harlequin, Prestigious Textiles, Voyage Decoration and Clarke & Clarke (Globaltex) to name a few… we have around 5000 fabrics in our large showroom, so it’s always best to pop in and have a look at our sample books, or call us in advance if you know exactly what you’re looking for!